Project Name: Luxury Yacht Brochure

Personal Work:
 Project found off

Briefbox Description:
 Design a brochure for a yacht company called Nessi Co. Create a tri-fold brochure with a luxurious high quality feel. Using placeholder text and images, the four sections to cover are: About the company, Our new products, Repair and maintenance service and Contact details. Create a super clean, regal crest design to finish the brochure off at the back. Think luxury, royal, regal and elegant.
Design Process: I knew that in order to give the sense of elegance and luxury, I needed to create a nice, sleek design. I began looking at the project as a whole, and then working towards refining the individual panels; making sure to keep that sense of luxury. 
Logo: Even though it was not in the description of the project, I wanted to create some type of design to go alongside the company name on the front panel. Above is my initial sketch followed by the final design created in Illustrator. With simple editing in Photoshop, I added a water reflection of the boat design. It’s a minor detail that many might not have noticed but I believe it adds a little bit more realism to such a simple design. 
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